Saturday, March 1, 2014

Case Studies: The Case of Little Albert Answers

Part 1

1. UCS: noise
    CS: rat
    UCR: fear
    CR: fear

2. generalization: rats and all white flurry objects
3. discrimination: furry white rats
4. counter conditioning: n/a (not available)

Part 2
1. Every time Dave takes a shower, someone in the house flushes the toilet causing the shower water to turn freezing cold on poor Dave. Now every time he hears a toilet flush, he gets chills.

UCS: cold water                       CS: hearing a toilet flush
UCR: Dave gets chills           CR: chills
NS: flushing toilet

2. Dunkin couldn't ever remember being so sick and nauseated. He would never go to that restaruant again, and he would never eat chicken again. All he could think about was the good dinner his mother would prepare for his homecoming. As he entered the kitchen, he became flushed and felt nauseated when he saw the golden brown chicken sitting on the table.

UCS: chicken                            CS: golden brown chicken
UCR: sick                                  CR: feeling nauseated
NS: golden brown chicken

3. Arby went to the dentist and had a painful root canal procedure. Although Arby previously liked his dentist very much, now, whenever he goes into the dentist's office, he begins to sweat and become anxious.

UCS: pain before root canal                          CS: going to the dentist's office
UCR: nervous, anxious                                  CR: sweat and becoming anxious
NS: going to the dentist's office

4. As a child, Rita's mother would set the timer on the microwave to go off every time she gave Rita her medicine. The medicine naturally produced an upset stomach. Today, every time Rita hears a bell likes the microwave, her stomach becomes queasy and upset.

UCS: taking medicine                           CS: microwave time going off
UCR: upset stomach                             CR: queasy and upset
NS: microwave time going off

5. When he first moved to Edison, Sonic ordered Domino's Pizza. He liked it, but 3 hours later he became violently ill due to the nasty stomach flu he had. He spent most of the night hugging the toilet. Now every time he hears the word Domino's he gets a litle nauseous.

UCS: flu                                             CS: hearing "Domino's"
UCR: nauseous                                  CR: feeling nauseous
NS: hearing "Domino's"

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